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       West Philadelphia hip hop artist Sterling Duns and former Jolie Holland guitarist and Lightning Bug Situation frontman Brian Miller synthesize Black and white music. Re-telling the narrative of America in the 21st Century.


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by The Moon and the Tiger


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           "Consisting of hip-hop artist Sterling Duns and ex-Jolie Holland guitarist Brian Miller, The Moon and the Tiger have formed with the goal that they describe as "synthesizing Black and white music" and "re-telling the narrative of America in the 21st Century." ...Seemingly drawing from influences ranging from M83 to A Tribe Called Quest, [their song "Freedom"] is a timely call to action to embrace your dreams while you can ("Do you feel trapped by your own hands? It's never too late to look in the mirror and start again" advises Duns at one point). With the war of passivity versus taking action seemingly so prevalent in modern life, "Freedom" has struck a chord with us. It's also a track that marks the arrival of a band we suspect is going to be an influential force upon Philly's music scene. The duo will perform at a special house party on March 5th, the secret details of which can be found out by contacting the act through their website. Talented and secretive, we like their style already."


         "Here’s a first glimpse at this new spacey hip-hop duo featuring West Philly MC Sterling Duns and guitarist Brian Miller (formerly of Jolie Holland’s band). The verses are intense. The choruses are offspeed and ethereal...I have a good feeling about these guys."
                                                                                  -Philadelphia Magazine


       "YIN/YANG CHEMISTRY FOR DUO THE MOON AND THE TIGER 'It’s about balance between the spirit realm–the realm of interconnectedness and magic, and the human realm–the realm of everyday stuff like doing the dishes, the on-the-ground realm. The moon is floating in space, it’s above everything and sees everything; and the tiger is wild, hunting, on the earth.'

        Ever heard of Philadelphia’s latest indie rock / hip-hop duo, the Moon and the Tiger? Surprising and unsettling duo, that’s for sure. Hip-hop artist Sterling Duns and ex-Jollie Holland guitarist Brian Miller are not only kind enough to talk with us about their exciting project, they are also extremely talented.

        'We met shortly after a West Philly house show, a staple of living in West Philly for sure,” recalls Duns. “I was playing in another band at the time, Futur Mama, at the house of a mutual friend, and Brian had come by to see the house show. He emailed me a few days later to open up a conversation about collaborating and sent some beats along and I actually, unintentionally, ignored the email. He was so kind to send a follow up, and I was so embarrassed that I had dusted off the first email, and now looking back terrified because it could have meant this band had never formed. The beats were awesome. Brian and I met one time and he had all these awesome vocal parts already set, we got deep on topics that are both meaningful to us. It was a powerful meeting of the minds for sure.'

        Miller adds: 'At the show, when I heard Sterling’s voice, I was like, “Whoa, who is this!?” Sterling has an awesome voice, and his intelligence and kindness really come through in his lyrics, but it was more than that. I can’t really put my finger on it- it’s almost like a chemical or intuitive thing- but I was immediately drawn to his rapping. Like, music-crush level drawn to it. That’s only happened a few times in my life. It was like when I heard Jolie Holland’s voice for the first time: it was like, how can I work with this person right now? Because not only do I like his voice, but I like what it draws out of me. Also Futur Mama was indie-rock-ish and the contrast between Sterling’s voice and their music was really intriguing to me. You don’t usually hear these deep, political, personal lyrics rapping over an indie rock setting.  And I thought it would be cool to try something like that.'"

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         "Former Jolie Holland guitarist Brian Miller and West Philly Hip-Hop artist Sterling Duns are The MOON and the TIGER. Synthesizing Black and white music. Re-telling the narrative of America in the 21st Century. Their new EP is coming out March 7. Here's their new track 'Freedom'."